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TLD6ís Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service level agreement

TLD6 ‘s 10,000% Guaranteed, 99.99% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) is first in the web hosting industry. No competing SLA is as detailed or as generous. This unique document is our guarantee that TLD6 is your best choice for dedicated server hosting ­ and the only company with such a strong service level agreement ­ that we make it publicly available on our web site.

In addition, we provide real­time network performance tests to 39 different networks worldwide and other performance evaluation tools.

Most dedicated server companies do not offer any SLA. The number of service issues that we address in our SLA is testimony to the care we put into serving our customers. In addition, our SLA includes a clause that allows you to get out of any contract so that you don ‘t risk unacceptable service. With an industry-leading 10,000% Guarantee ™ and 99.99% Uptime Service Level Agreement, TLD6 stands behind our server hosting and managed services ­ and behind your business.

What exactly does 10,000% Guaranteed ® mean?

For every minute TLD6 fails to deliver, we will provide you with 100 minutes of service credit.