Our Products

Our Products

1. EMAIL MARKETING ( http://sarvmail.com/ )

    SARV Email Marketing Solutions Provide Two Types of Mailing Services Namely:

  • SBM (SARV Bulk Mail): It's a promotional mailing for sales and advertisement of a product , service, or an organization. This is an unsubscribed promotional mailing where the users who receive the mails undesirably. Also, inbox delivery of the mail depends strongly on the type and taste of inbox owner.
  • SSM (SARV Subscribed Mail): Various organizations have a database which contains email addresses of their old and new clients which are associated with the organization in one way or the other. Subscribed mailing points to the campaign scheduling to the list of users who have authorized the organization to send the mails.
  • SMTP Services: We are a cloud-based services Provider to facilitate email deliverability that includes bulk and transactional sending, reputation management, compliance auditing and abuse
  • processing and issue resolution. Our services provide customers with the ability to increase the deliverability of email with less time, cost and complexity than handling it themselves.

2. SARV Media Marketing

SARV media marketing could prove itself to help you out to increase your popularity by promoting your brand name through the facebook likes, Google plus, and increase twitter followers.

3. Search Engine Promotion/Optimization

SARV offers SEO service to bring the top position in Google page rank and that too must be with long life. By two ways; the "natural" path (unpaid) also known as organic path where we need not to pay anything to bring the optimization results as the results are credits for the proper keywords used but in the "inorganic "path charges are applied according to the "pay per click " phenomena.

4. Sarv Analytics (http:// sarvanalytic.com/)

SARV Analytics provides you the detailed reports on how your website/ business are being promoted on the internet and how people are reaching on your website. This makes you realize the areas to be focused for the endorsement of your business. SARV Analytics not just analyse your traffic but also provides the keywords you are searched for. It helps you to know how powerful back linking you have for your website.

5. IT Services (http://tld6.com/)

    The services offered, all belong to a robust internet infrastructure. Our services portfolio always fulfils the requirements according to the growing needs of our customers.

  • Server Management and Security : Our Technical support provides 24x7x365 Linux based server support under the expert provision. Our team enables all possible tools to manage the server and to ensure security. We support any Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, or VPS running a Linux OS and cPanel.
  • Cloud Computing : SARV™ cloud computing is a web based service which will provide resizable computing capacity in the cloud and it makes the web-scale computing easy for the developers. SARV cloud computing service allows you to configure the capacity without any clank and you owe the complete control of your computing resources on our proven cloud environment.
  • Mail Server : SARV email marketing software provides cloud based infrastructure, includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing. It has capacity to send 100 million mails per day. It is highly featured application with social media integration. Complete POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail-server functionality, Groupware features, Web-based administration, Webmail interface and more. All built on a high-performance and reliable platform that includes source-code.
  • Security Audit, Hack and Disaster Recovery : Manual assessments include interviewing staff, performing vulnerability scans, reviewing application and operating system access controls, and analysing physical access to the systems is the area we specialize and clients are freed from all these worries. If your server is crashed or hacked, we will determine the cause and rebuild your system from backups. Access your monitoring stats online, in addition to our weekly uptime reports e-mailed to you!
  • Domain (http://tld6.com) : We offer the competent prices in the market but along with the best quality. We offer 300+ TLDs with privacy protection and DNS.
  • Web Hosting : SARV ensures that your Web hosting service remains trouble-free. Features such as our reliable 99.99% Linux® uptime* rating and automatic backup and restore give you peace of mind and knowing your online presence will be consistent and dependable.

6. Web Based Services

  • Web Applications and Portal
    1. School Management System
    2. ind.ac
    3. in.vg
    4. ERP
    5. CRM
    6. Custom
    7. Billing Management
    8. Live chat
    9. Classified portal
    10. Job portal
  • Web Design (http://tld6.com/)
  • Our talented team of website designers and website developers will provide you with incredible services at very competitive prices. Our Website Developers have successfully designed cost effective websites for individuals and businesses worldwide. We have long price range in web design.

7. Design Creativity

  • Digital Design : SARV digital design is a full service large format printing company, specializing in high quality digital prints, high impact marketing and graphic designs, trade show booths and displays and much more. We are staffed by experienced advertising, printing and marketing officials bringing a unique blend of creativity and client side satisfaction every time.
  • 3D Animation : Our animated team designs such animation clips with no compromise in quality. Websites sometimes employ the option of videos where a product tour or website tour video could be uploaded which cut short your words as the video speaks everything.
  • Print Media Design : SARV Print Media Design Services including business card design, logo design, letter head design, envelop design, and many more wide range of print media design services is being offered by us. 100 % original design concentrating on your brand type and involves easy few concepts along with unlimited revision.

8. Sarv Soft

Sarv soft offers free software downloads of WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX, OS, ISO, JSP, ASP, PHP, WORD-PRESS, JOOMLA, MAGENTO and NEWS UPDATE. It also helps in resolving software issues and provides helpful tips as well.

9. Desktop Based Application (http://tld6.com/)

  • OS Customization : OS customization allows you to choose if you want any programs installed on your laptop so that you don't have to do it when you receive it. We will customize the OS according to your need which will be virus free, hack free and lightweight.

10. Mobile Application

    SARV mobile application software is developed for small low-power handheld devices such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. These applications pre- installed on phones during manufacture, downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms, or web applications delivered over HTTP which use server-side or client-side processing (e.g. JavaScript) to provide an "application-like" experience within a Web browser.

    1. iPhone application
    2. Android application
    3. iPod application